PrestaShop 1.6 Database Structure

Here are descriptions of the database tables in PrestaShop 1.6. By default, each table has a prefix of ps_. When installing PrestaShop, there is an option to change this prefix. This allows PrestaShop to be installed multiple times in the same database and helps to prevent table name conflicts with other shopping carts installed in the same database.

The table names are all lowercase and use underscores between words, and include the types of objects in the table. For example, the ps_product table contains all the product information. Tables that end with _lang contain translations for the object. For example, ps_product_lang contains product translations.

When a table links together two types of objects, both objects are included in the table name. For example, ps_category_product links products to categories. The ID of each table starts with id_ followed by the object name. For example, the ID of the ps_product table is id_product.

Here are the core database tables installed by PrestaShop:

Table Name Description Primary Key
access The employee profile permissions id_profile, id_tab
accessory Product accessories id_product_1, id_product_2
address Customer, manufacturer and supplier addresses id_address
address_format Address format for each country id_country
alias Search keyword alias id_alias
attachment Product attachments id_attachment
attachment_lang Product attachment names and descriptions id_attachment, id_lang
attribute Product attributes id_attribute
attribute_group Product attribute groups id_attribute_group
attribute_group_lang Product attribute group names id_attribute_group, id_lang
attribute_group_shop Product attribute group shop associations id_attribute_group, id_shop
attribute_impact Product attribute price and weight impacts id_attribute_impact
attribute_lang Product attribute names id_attribute, id_lang
attribute_shop Product attribute shop associations id_attribute, id_shop
carrier Carriers id_carrier
carrier_group Carrier customer group restrictions id_carrier, id_group
carrier_lang Carrier transit time messages id_carrier
carrier_shop Carrier shop associations id_carrier, id_shop
carrier_tax_rules_group_shop Carrier tax rule shop associations id_carrier, id_tax_rules_group, id_shop
carrier_zone Zones each carrier is available id_carrier, id_zone
cart Customer and guest carts id_cart
cart_cart_rule Voucher codes used in carts (v1.5 and later) id_cart, id_cart_rule
cart_product Products in customer carts id_cart, id_product, id_product_attribute
cart_rule Vouchers id_cart_rule
cart_rule_carrier Voucher carrier associations id_cart_rule, id_carrier
cart_rule_combination Allowed voucher combinations id_cart_rule_1, id_cart_rule_2
cart_rule_country Voucher country associations id_cart_rule, id_country
cart_rule_group Voucher group associations id_cart_rule, id_group
cart_rule_lang Voucher names id_cart_rule, id_lang
cart_rule_product_rule Voucher condition types id_product_rule
cart_rule_product_rule_group Voucher quantities id_product_rule_group
cart_rule_product_rule_value Voucher condition items id_product_rule, id_item
cart_rule_shop Voucher shop associations id_cart_rule, id_shop
category Product categories id_category
category_group Product category customer group restrictions id_category, id_group
category_lang Product category names and descriptions id_category, id_lang
category_product Products in each category id_category, id_product
category_shop Category shop associations id_category, id_shop
cms CMS pages id_cms
cms_category CMS categories id_cms_category
cms_category_lang CMS category names id_cms_category, id_lang
cms_category_shop CMS category shop associations id_cms_category, id_shop
cms_lang CMS page content id_cms, id_lang
cms_role CMS page roles id_cms_role, id_cms
cms_role_lang CMS page role translations id_cms_role, id_lang, id_shop
cms_shop CMS page shop associations id_cms, id_shop
compare Customer product comparisons id_compare
compare_product Customer product comparison products id_compare, id_product
configuration Configuration settings id_configuration
configuration_kpi Back Office tab stats (key performance indicators) id_configuration_kpi
configuration_kpi_lang Back Office tab stats translations id_configuration_kpi, id_lang
connections Visitor IP addresses, referrers and pages visited id_connections
connections_page Start and end times of page visits id_connections, id_page, time_start
connections_source Visitor referrers and search engine keywords id_connections_source
contact Contact form subjects id_contact
contact_lang Contact form subject names id_contact, id_lang
contact_shop Contact form subject name shop associations id_contact, id_shop
country Countries id_country
country_lang Country names id_country, id_lang
country_shop Country shop associations id_country, id_shop
currency Currencies id_currency
currency_shop Currency shop associations id_currency, id_shop
customer Customers id_customer
customer_group Customer groups id_customer, id_group
customer_message Customer messages through contact form id_customer_message
customer_message_sync_imap MD5 hashes of read customer messages
customer_thread Threads of messages through contact form id_customer_thread
customization Customised product data in cart id_customization, id_cart, id_product
customization_field Product customisation fields id_customization_field
customization_field_lang Product customisation field names id_customization_field, id_lang
customized_data Customised product data entered by customers id_customization, type, index
date_range Page view date ranges id_date_range
delivery Carrier delivery prices id_delivery
employee Back Office employees id_employee
employee_shop Back Office employee shop associations id_employee, id_shop
feature Product features id_feature
feature_lang Product feature names id_feature, id_lang
feature_product Links feature values to products id_feature, id_product
feature_shop Product feature name shop associations id_feature, id_shop
feature_value Product feature values id_feature_value
feature_value_lang Product feature value names id_feature_value, id_lang
gender Customer titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss) id_gender
gender_lang Customer title names id_gender, id_lang
group Customer groups and reductions id_group
group_lang Customer group names id_group, id_lang
group_reduction Customer group category reductions id_group_reduction
group_shop Customer group shop associations id_group, id_shop
guest Guests id_guest
hook Module hook names and descriptions id_hook
hook_alias Module hook aliases id_hook_alias
hook_module Position of modules in each hook id_module, id_hook
hook_module_exceptions Page exceptions for each module id_hook_module_exceptions
image Product images id_image
image_lang Product image legends id_image, id_lang
image_shop Product image shop associations id_image, id_shop
image_type Product image thumbnail sizes id_image_type
import_match Saved CSV import configurations id_import_match
lang Languages id_lang
lang_shop Language shop associations id_lang, id_shop
log Log of PHP errors and warnings id_log
mail Log of emails sent id_mail
manufacturer Manufacturers id_manufacturer
manufacturer_lang Manufacturer descriptions id_manufacturer, id_lang
manufacturer_shop Manufacturer shop associations id_manufacturer, id_shop
memcached_servers Memcached servers id_memcached_server
message Order messages id_message
message_readed Order messages that have been marked as read id_message, id_employee
meta Page names id_meta
meta_lang Page meta information id_meta, id_lang
module Modules directories id_module
module_access Employee module permissions id_profile, id_module
module_country Module country restrictions id_module, id_country
module_currency Module currency restrictions id_module, id_currency
module_group Module customer group restrictions id_module, id_group
module_preference Employee favourite modules id_module, id_group
module_shop Module shop associations id_module, id_shop
modules_perfs Module performance logs id_modules_perfs
operating_system Recognised operating systems id_operating_system
orders Orders id_order
order_carrier Order carrier cost and tracking number id_order_carrier
order_cart_rule Order vouchers id_order
order_detail Order products id_order_detail
order_detail_tax Order product tax information
order_history Order status history id_order_history
order_invoice Order invoice information id_order_invoice
order_invoice_payment Order invoice payments id_order_invoice, id_order_payment
order_invoice_tax Order invoice tax information
order_message Predefined order messages id_order_message
order_message_lang Predefined order message names id_order_message, id_lang
order_payment Order payment information id_order_payment
order_return Merchandise returns id_order_return
order_return_detail Merchandise return products id_order_return, id_order_detail, id_customization
order_return_state Merchandise return statuses id_order_return_state
order_return_state_lang Merchandise return status names id_order_return_state, id_lang
order_slip Credit slips id_order_slip
order_slip_detail Credit slip products id_order_slip, id_order_detail
order_slip_detail_tax Order slip tax
order_state Order statuses id_order_state
order_state_lang Order status names id_order_state, id_lang
pack Product packs id_product_pack, id_product_item
page Pages id_page
page_type Page names id_page_type
page_viewed Viewed pages id_page, id_date_range
product Product information id_product
product_attachment Product information id_product
product_attribute Product attribute information id_product_attribute
product_attribute_combination Product attribute combinations id_attribute, id_product_attribute
product_attribute_image Product attribute images id_product_attribute, id_image
product_attribute_shop Product attribute shop associations id_product_attribute, id_shop
product_carrier Product carrier associations id_product, id_carrier_reference, id_shop
product_country_tax Product country taxes id_product, id_country, id_tax
product_download Downloadable products id_product_download
product_group_reduction_cache Product customer group reductions id_product, id_group
product_lang Product names and descriptions id_product, id_lang
product_sale Product sale data id_product
product_shop Product shop associations id_product, id_shop
product_supplier Product supplier associations id_product_supplier
product_tag Product tags id_product, id_tag
profile Employee profile id_profile
profile_lang Employee profile name id_profile, id_lang
quick_access Back Office quick accesses id_quick_access
quick_access_lang Back Office quick access names id_quick_access, id_lang
range_price Carrier price ranges id_range_price
range_weight Carrier weight ranges id_range_weight
referrer Affiliate program accounts id_referrer
referrer_cache Affiliate program referrals id_connections_source, id_referrer
referrer_shop Affiliate program shop associations id_referrer, id_shop
request_sql Saved SQL queries id_request_sql
required_field Required fields id_required_field
risk Risk level colours id_risk
risk_lang Risk level names id_risk, id_lang
scene Category page product banners id_scene
scene_category Links product banners to categories id_scene, id_category
scene_lang Category page product banner names id_scene, id_lang
scene_products Category page banner products id_scene, id_product, x_axis, y_axis
scene_shop Category page product banner shop associations id_scene, id_shop
search_engine Recognised search engines id_search_engine
search_index PrestaShop search engine keyword index id_product, id_word
search_word PrestaShop search engine keywords id_word
shop Shops id_shop
shop_group Shop groups id_shop_group
shop_url Shop URLs id_shop_url
smarty_cache Smarty cache id_smarty_cache
smarty_last_flush Smarty cache last flush times type
smarty_lazy_cache Smarty lazy cache template_hash, cache_id, compile_id
specific_price Specific prices id_specific_price
specific_price_priority Specific price priorities id_specific_price_priority, id_product
specific_price_rule Specific price rules id_specific_price_rule
specific_price_rule_condition Specific price rule types id_specific_price_rule_condition
specific_price_rule_condition_group Specific price rule conditions id_specific_price_rule_condition_group, id_specific_price_rule
state States id_state
stock Warehouse stock quantities id_stock
stock_available Available warehouse stock quantities id_stock_available
stock_mvt Stock movements id_stock_mvt
stock_mvt_reason Stock movement reasons id_stock_mvt_reason
stock_mvt_reason_lang Stock movement reason names id_stock_mvt_reason, id_lang
store Store addresses id_store
store_shop Store address shop associations id_store, id_shop
supplier Suppliers id_supplier
supplier_lang Supplier names id_supplier, id_lang
supplier_shop Supplier shop associations id_supplier, id_shop
supply_order Warehouse supply orders id_supply_order
supply_order_detail Warehouse supply order products id_supply_order_detail
supply_order_history Warehouse supply order status history id_supply_order_history
supply_order_receipt_history Warehouse supply order receipt history id_supply_order_receipt_history
supply_order_state Warehouse supply order statuses id_supply_order_state
supply_order_state_lang Warehouse supply order status names id_supply_order_state, id_lang
tab Back Office tabs id_tab
tab_lang Back Office tab names id_tab, id_lang
tab_module_preference Employee Back Office tab module override preferences id_tab, id_tab_module_preference
tag Product tags used in tag cloud id_tag
tag_count Customer group product tag counts id_group, id_tag
tax Taxes id_tax
tax_lang Tax names id_tax, id_lang
tax_rule Tax rules id_tax_rule
tax_rules_group Tax rule names id_tax_rules_group
tax_rules_group_shop Tax rule shop associations id_tax_rules_group, id_shop
theme Themes id_theme
theme_meta Theme page layouts id_theme_meta
theme_specific Theme shop associations id_theme, id_shop, entity, id_object
timezone Timezones id_timezone
warehouse Warehouses id_warehouse
warehouse_carrier Warehouse carrier associations id_carrier, id_warehouse
warehouse_product_location Warehouse product locations id_carrier, id_warehouse_product_location
warehouse_shop Warehouse shop associations id_shop, id_warehouse
webservice_account Webservice accounts id_webservice_account
webservice_account_shop Webservice account shop associations id_webservice_account, id_shop
webservice_permission Webservice permissions id_webservice_permission
web_browser Recognised web browsers id_web_browser
zone Carrier zones id_zone
zone_shop Carrier zone shop associations id_zone, id_shop

Depending on which PrestaShop modules are installed, the following tables may also exist:

Table Name Description Primary Key
advice Merchant advice id_advice
advice_lang Merchant advice content id_advice, id_lang
aeuc_cmsrole_email Advanced EU Compliance email templates with terms and conditions id
aeuc_email Advanced EU Complicance email templates id_mail
badge Merchant Expertise badges id_badge
badge_lang Merchant Expertise badge names id_badge, id_lang
blocklink Permanent Links Block links id_blocklink
blocklink_lang Permanent Links Block link translations id_blocklink, id_lang
blocklink_shop Permanent Links Block shop associations id_blocklink, id_shop
cms_block CMS Block blocks id_cms_block
cms_block_lang CMS Block block names id_cms_block, id_lang
cms_block_page CMS Block pages id_cms_block_page
cms_block_shop CMS Block page shop associations id_cms_block, id_shop
condition_advice Merchant Expertise advice conditions id_condition, id_advice
condition_badge Merchant Expertise badge conditions id_condition, id_badge
cronjobs Cron Tasks Manager cron jobs id_cronjob
dateofdelivery_carrier_rule Date of Delivery carrier rules
editorial Homepage Text Editor links id_editorial
editorial_lang Homepage Text Editor translations id_editorial, id_lang
favorite_product Favorite Products id_favorite_product
ganalytics Google Analytics sent log id_google_analytics
gsitemap_sitemap Google Sitemap links
homeslider Image Slider shop associations id_homeslider_slides, id_shop
homeslider_slides Image Slider slides id_homeslider_slides
homeslider_slides_lang Image Slider slide titles, descriptions and URLs id_homeslider_slides, id_lang
info CMS Block links id_info
info_lang CMS Block translations id_info, id_lang
layered_category Layered Navigation Block filters id_layered_category
layered_filter Layered Navigation Block templates
layered_filter_shop Layered Navigation Block template shop associations id_layered_filter, id_shop
layered_friendly_url Layered Navigation Block friendly URLs id_layered_friendly_url
layered_indexable_attribute_group Layered Navigation Block indexable attribute groups id_attribute_group
layered_indexable_attribute_group_lang_value Layered Navigation Block attribute group URLs and metatitles id_attribute_group, id_lang
layered_indexable_attribute_lang_value Layered Navigation Block attribute URLs and meta-titles id_attribute, id_lang
layered_indexable_feature Layered Navigation Block indexable features id_feature
layered_indexable_feature_lang_value Layered Navigation Block feature URLs and metatitles id_feature, id_lang
layered_indexable_feature_value_lang_value Layered Navigation Block feature value URLs and metatitles id_feature_value, id_lang
layered_price_index Layered Navigation Block minimum and maximum price index id_product, id_currency, id_shop
layered_product_attribute Layered Navigation Block product attributes id_attribute, id_product, id_shop
linksmenutop Top Horizontal Menu menu items id_linksmenutop
linksmenutop_lang Top Horizontal Menu menu labels and links
log_email Customer Follow-up email log
loyalty Customer Loyalty points id_loyalty
loyalty_history Customer Loyalty status history id_loyalty_history
loyalty_state Customer Loyalty statuses id_loyalty_state
loyalty_state_lang Customer Loyalty status names id_loyalty_state, id_lang
mailalert_customer_oos Mail Alerts customer out-of-stock notification subscriptions id_customer, customer_email, id_product, id_product_attribute, id_shop
newsletter Newsletter subscriber email addresses, IP addresses and referrers id
pagenotfound Page not found data id_pagenotfound
product_comment Product Comments reviews id_product_comment
product_comment_criterion Product Comments rating criteria id_product_comment_criterion
product_comment_criterion_category Product Comments rating criteria associated categories id_product_comment_criterion, id_category
product_comment_criterion_lang Product Comment rating criteria names id_product_comment_criterion, id_lang
product_comment_criterion_product Product Comments rating criteria associated products id_product, id_product_comment_criterion
product_comment_grade Product Comments review grades id_product_comment, id_product_comment_criterion
product_comment_report Product Comments reported reviews id_product_comment, id_customer
product_comment_usefulness Product Comments review usefulness id_product_comment, id_customer
referralprogram Customer Referral Program data id_referral_program
reinsurance Customer Reassurance Block images id_reinsurance
reinsurance_lang Customer Reassurance Block text id_reinsurance, id_lang
sekeyword External search engine keywords id_sekeyword
statssearch PrestaShop search engine statistics id_statssearch
tab_advice Merchant Expertise tab advice id_tab, id_advice
themeconfigurator Theme Configurator images id_item
wishlist Wishlist Block wishlists id_wishlist
wishlist_email Wishlist Block wishlist emails
wishlist_product Wishlist Block wishlist products id_wishlist_product
wishlist_product_cart Wishlist Block wishlist carts