What's New in PrestaShop 1.7

PrestaShop 1.7 is a major upgrade over PrestaShop 1.6 with the transition to Symfony 2.8 and a completely new theming system. Merchants cannot simply upgrade and expect everything to continue working the same as before. PrestaShop v1.7 will automatically switch to the new Classic theme, so merchants need to be prepared to redesign their website. Read on to learn more about what's new in PrestaShop 1.7.

Transition to Symfony 2.8

PrestaShop is being transitioned to Symfony 2.8 to make the code more robust, modular and fully testable. It also reduces the learning curve for PHP developers who are not familiar with PrestaShop and allows the PrestaShop developers to focus more on the shopping features.

Symfony was used to redesign the SELL > Catalog > Products and IMPROVE > Modules > Modules & Services pages in the Back Office, but the remaining pages still use the old architecture. Learn more about the redesigned Products page here and the redesigned Modules & Services page here.

Note that because Symfony uses namespaces, the redesigned pages cannot be overridden like they could in PrestaShop v1.6, only the hooks can be used to modify code. The Twig template engine replaces the Smarty template engine on the redesigned pages, but Smarty is still used on the other pages and in the theme.

Symfony was also used to simplify the translation system in PrestaShop v1.7. Now, translations from different templates are grouped together to avoid duplication. Comments and line numbers from the source files are used to put the translations in context.

New Classic and Starter themes

PrestaShop v1.7 has a redesigned default theme called "Classic" that is fully responsive and meets the latest Web and e-commerce best practices. It is designed to fit with any kind of business and can be easily adapted with adjustable blocks. It also uses Google Material icons that look good in all resolutions.

The checkout pages have been streamlined with a cart summary and reassurance displayed in the right column throughout the ordering process. The five-page checkout option is no longer available. There is also a new left column on the contact form with store information. A new Design > Link Widget tab in the Back Office makes it easier to customise the links in the footer.

A new Starter theme is available that has all the features of the Classic theme, except it doesn't use Bootstrap or any CSS at all. Theme developers can use it as a base and choose which technologies to use, though all themes sold on PrestaShop Add-ons must use Bootstrap so they are compatible with all modules.

Reorganised Back Office main menu

The Back Office main menu has re-organised in PrestaShop v1.7 to put similar sections together and make it easier for new merchants to find the most frequently used settings. Here's a list of the PrestaShop v1.6 tabs and where to find them in PrestaShop v1.7:

PrestaShop 1.6 tabPrestaShop 1.7 tab
Products SELL > Catalog > Products
Categories SELL > Catalog > Categories
Monitoring SELL > Catalog > Monitoring
Product Attributes SELL > Catalog > Attributes > Features > Attributes
Product Features SELL > Catalog > Attributes & Features > Features
Manufacturers SELL > Catalog > Brands > Suppliers > Manufacturers
Suppliers SELL > Catalog > Brands & Suppliers > Suppliers
Tags CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Search > Tags
Attachments SELL > Catalog > Files
Orders SELL > Orders > Orders
Invoices SELL > Orders > Invoices
Merchandise Returns SELL > Customer Service > Merchandise Returns
Delivery Slips SELL > Orders > Delivery Slips
Credit Slips SELL > Orders > Credit Slips
Statuses CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Order Settings > Statuses
Order Messages SELL > Customer Service > Order Messages
Customers SELL > Customers > Customer Settings
Addresses SELL > Customers > Addresses
Groups CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Groups
Shopping Carts SELL > Orders > Shopping Carts
Customer Service SELL > Customer Service > Customer Service
Contacts CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Contact > Contacts
Titles CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Titles
Price Rules
Cart Rules SELL > Catalog > Discounts > Cart Rules
Catalog Price Rules SELL > Catalog > Discounts > Catalog Price Rules
Marketing No longer available
Modules and Services
Modules and Services IMPROVE > Modules > Modules & Services
Modules & Themes Catalog IMPROVE > Modules > Modules Catalog
Positions IMPROVE > Design > Positions
Payment IMPROVE > Payment > Payment Methods
Carriers IMPROVE > Shipping > Carriers
Preferences IMPROVE > Shipping > Preferences
Localization IMPROVE > International > Localization > Localization
Languages IMPROVE > International > Localization > Languages
Zones IMPROVE > International > Locations > Zones
Countries IMPROVE > International > Locations > Countries
States IMPROVE > International > Locations > States
Currencies IMPROVE > International > Localization > Currencies
Taxes IMPROVE > International > Taxes > Taxes
Tax Rules IMPROVE > International > Taxes > Tax Rules
Translations IMPROVE > International > Translations
General CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > General > General
Orders CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Order Settings > Order Settings
Products CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Product Settings
Customers CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Customer Settings
Themes IMPROVE > Design > Theme & Logo
SEO & URLs CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > SEO & URLs
CMS IMPROVE > Design > Pages
Images IMPROVE > Design > Image Settings
Store Contacts CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Contact > Stores
Search CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Search
Maintenance CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > General > Maintenance
Geolocation IMPROVE > International > Localization > Geolocation
Advanced Parameters
Configuration Information CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Information
Performance CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Performance
E-mail CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > E-mail
CSV Import CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Import
DB Backup CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Database > DB Backup
SQL Manager CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Database > SQL Manager
Logs CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Logs
Webservice CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Webservice
Preferences CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Administration
Quick Access Quick Access > Manage quick accesses (at the top-left of the page)
Employees CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees
Profiles CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Team > Profiles
Permissions CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Team > Permissions
Menus No longer available
Merchant Expertise CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Merchant Expertise
Stats SELL > Stats
Search Engines CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Traffic > Search Engines
Referrers CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Traffic > Referrers

Other notable improvements

The maintenance page text can now be changed on the CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > General > Maintenance tab, so manually editing maintenance.tpl is no longer required. It's also possible to enable "Debug mode" on the CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Performance tab. The Administration > Menus tab has been removed, so it's no longer possible to customise the menu.

On the CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Order Settings > Order Settings tab, the "Order process type" option has been replaced with an "Enable final summary" option, since five-page checkout is no longer available. The new "Enable final summary" option adds a summary of the order above the "Order with an obligation to pay" button.

On the CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Customer Settings > Customer Settings tab, the "Enable newsletter registration" option has been replaced with an "Ask for birthdate" option, so it's now possible to hide the birthdate without needing to edit code. The newsletter register can now be removed by disabling the Newsletter module on the IMPROVE > Modules > Modules & Services > Installed modules tab. The "Phone number is mandatory" option has been removed and the "Enable opt-in" option has been renamed to "Enable partner offers".

On the CONFIGURE > Shop Parameters > Product Settings tab, there is a new "Default activation state" option to choose whether products should be enabled by default when they are created. Many options have also been removed including "Enable JqZoom instead of Fancybox on the product page", "Enabled advanced stock management", "New products use advanced stock management" and "Default warehouse on new products".

On the CONFIGURE > Advanced Parameters > Import tab, there is a new option to import Store Contacts. It is now possible to import files in Microsoft Excel .xls, .xlsx and .xlst formats and the Open Office .ods and .ots formats as well as the previously available CSV format. The "ISO 8859-1 encoded file?" option has been removed, since it is no longer required, and there's a new "Send notification email" option to send an email when the import finishes.